Three Skeptics, a.k.a. SC3PTICS, is the surprise team of three atheist bloggers: Bud Uzoras of Dead Logic, Mike Doolittle of The A-Unicornist, and Tristan Vick of Advocatus Atheist. If Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens make up the “Four Horsemen,” then Bud, Mike, and Tristan make up the “Anti-Trinity.”

All three of us shared a common interest in philosophy, religious criticism, science and scientific reasoning, skepticism, and free inquiry. All three of us wrote regularly viewed (dare I say even popular?) blogs with a steadily growing readership. Yet we were also frustrated at the difficulty of posting substantive content on a consistent basis, and none of us wanted to pollute our blogs with the daily filler that so often bogs down popular blogs. So, we asked ourselves: what if we pooled our efforts? We agreed to team up, and SC3PTICS was born.

What makes SC3PTICS different? Many freethinking-themed blogs are only sparsely populated by substantive posting – instead being filled with news, reposted videos and personal anecdotes. We want to create a steady stream of thought-provoking content – not just ramblings and opinions, but well-reasoned, educated opinions argued in well-researched articles spanning a diverse array of topics related to skeptical inquiry, science, philosophy, history and belief. We’re not accredited scholars, but we do care about the dialectic and the pursuit of knowledge. We are passionate learners, we enjoy engaging others in reasonable discourse, and we wanted to unify our talents and perhaps create something which has the potential to be a powerful new voice in the freethinking community.