Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why SC3PTICS Has Been a Huge Success

When the "Three Skeptics" (SC3PTICS, to be fancy) - Mike D, Tristan, and Bud (me) - decided to combine their efforts, this blog was born. It started off strong, with each member contributing, but, as time passed, the activity on the blog decreased. Some may see this as a failed or abandoned project, but I see SC3PTICS as a success, and here's why:

1. The SC3PTICS blog has some quality articles on it. If nothing else, we have an online resource for anyone interested in reading about topics related to the skeptic community.

2. The decline in activity of SC3PTICS is a tribute to the tenacity of our individual blogs. Part of the reason, I think, for the lack of regular activity on this blog is that each of us realized how much we have invested in our individual blogs. The fact that each of us is still writing after all this time is, to me, a victory.

3. SC3PTICS helped forge the bond between the three brothers-in-blog. Regardless of whether anyone writes on the SC3PTICS blog ever again, the fact remains that an online alliance was formed, which means the Three Skeptics could have other collaborative efforts in the future (foreshadowing?). More importantly, friendships were made, which, beyond everything else, strengthens my conviction that this blog has been a huge success.

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